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We look after our customers and dealers worldwide and supply hundreds of animal husbandries with our high-quality products and solutions.
All of these systems, be it for conventional animal husbandry, for ventilation systems or the numerous, individually adapted enclosures, have one thing in common: they are the results of our design department, which are mostly implemented in-house in Germany. We are proud that numerous customers worldwide trust the reliability and product quality of ZOONLAB.

The following references show projects and solutions that we have already implemented for customers and can thus be implemented by us.
Of course, as a solution finder and facilitator, we can also implement your individual project. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our references / solutions

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When vision becomes reality.

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Now it`s getting colorful!

Stachelmauskaefig Detail 7475

Spiny mouse cages – The sports edition

Geblaeseeinheit mit Gestell 202308 mit i mouse cameras

iMouse-Digital Home Cage Observation

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