Enrichment & Accessories

ZOONLAB’s high quality bedding and nesting material is the basis for the well-being of your animals.

Note: You can find more information in our data sheets (PDF) at the end of the page.

  • Disposable rodent houses

    These disposable houses provide purpose-built shelter for rodents. The houses are made of a specially selected cellulose that is GLP standard compliant and autoclavable.

  • Wood bricks

    Rodents need to stay busy, and these reusable wood bricks ideally meet their needs to gnaw, hide and climb. Available in lengths of 5 cm and 10 cm.

  • Nesting material

    These pressed cotton fibre nestlets are sterile and cleanly packaged, and they can be stored for longer periods. You can find more rodent nesting materials in the product sheet (PDF) at the end of the page.

  • Bedding material

    Bedding materials like “Aspen” and “Grade 6” stimulate animal activity and nest building.

  • Play tunnel

    This brown kraft paper tunnel can be used equally for shelter or play.

  • Polycarbonate enrichment

    This autoclavable, reusable enrichment product is made of red plastic and provides animals with a sense of shelter and security.

    You can find more polycarbonate enrichment articles in the product sheet (PDF) at the end of the page.

  • Hole punches for ear marks

    These autoclavable rust-free stainless steel hole punching pliers are ideal for marking ears quickly and easily.

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