A new name – Decades of experience since 1948

As a product of the merger between the companies BIOSCAPE and EBECO, ZOONLAB has been producing and marketing products for scientific animal husbandries for several decades now.

EBECO was originally founded in 1911 and built its first laboratory testing animal cages in the late 1950s. Today, ZOONLAB is one of the most acclaimed international providers of complete systems in the lab animal husbandry sector.

We offer animal welfare compliant, hygienic solutions for scientific animal husbandry ranging from cages for small animals to complete top-of-the-line animal enclosure systems. Our portfolio encompasses husbandry solutions for mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits and many other species.

In 2014 ZOONLAB became part of a successful mid-sized corporate group focusing on laboratory technology, a move that has generated numerous synergies in many fields. This gives you the security of knowing you have a reliable partner.