Transport Systems for Supply and Disposal

The ZOONLAB product portfolio includes a wide selection of products in different models for animal husbandry and other fields of application for supplying and disposing all kinds of goods, all optimised for the full range of work processes such as storage, transport, cleaning and autoclaving. The common features in all of them are easy handling, high quality and easy mobility.

In addition to our standard solutions, ZOONLAB also offers tailored solutions for customers to optimise the use of cleaning systems and autoclaves. All of the products are made in Germany.

Note: You can find more information in our data sheets (PDF) at the end of the page.

  • Transport trolleys

    ZOONLAB transport trolleys are available in a variety of sizes and different models: open and closed, with either two or three levels, and optionally also autoclavable.

    Specially developed smooth running rollers ensure easy pushing and top rolling comfort.

  • Autoclaving trolleys

    ZOONLAB offers universally applicable autoclaving trolleys (open/closed) in a variety of models and sizes. They are designed for high load capacity, fast loading and easy handling, and they can be loaded with the widest variety of cage types or other autoclaving items.

    All of the trolleys feature four swivel castors, two of which can be locked. The specially developed smooth running rollers are autoclavable up to 134° C.

    You can find additional models in the product sheet (PDF) at the end of the page.

  • Transport systems for cages

    These compact trolleys feature a handcart function and make the storage and transport of cages easier. The trolleys feature high load capacity, firm stability for cages and great manoeuvrability. The systems are fitted with two fixed and two steerable smooth running rollers.

    Special, autoclavable covers providing added hygienic protection are also optionally available.

    The ZOONLAB portfolio includes variations for all common cage types. All of our trolleys can be autoclaved.

  • Water bottle transport systems

    Our water bottle transport systems simplify cleaning and autoclaving work processes.

    The cleaning racks remain in the transport trolley for loading and unloading water bottles. Optional plastic rails simplify removing cleaning racks when they are loaded into the cleaning system. All of the trolleys are equipped with specially developed smooth running rollers and can be autoclaved. Autoclavable covering hoods round out the product range. Versions for 10 to 18 cleaning racks are available.

    You can find additional models in the product sheet “Transport Trolleys for Water Bottle Cleaning Racks” (PDF) at the end of the page.

  • Lectern

    This stainless steel lectern simplifies daily documentation work. Applicable for a variety of purposes throughout the field of animal husbandry, it is additionally autoclavable and equipped with four smooth running rollers, two of which can be locked.

    The lectern can also optionally be expanded to include a slanting desktop, a printer compartment, a storage drawer and a keyboard extension.

  • Waste collection trolleys

    Animal husbandry waste can be collected easily with this stainless steel, two-level trolley. The upper level features a waste hopper with a clamping ring to attach a common rubbish bag.

    Like all ZOONBLAB trolleys, this model is also equipped with four smooth running rollers.

  • Storage container

    ZOONLAB stainless steel storage containers are universally applicable, e.g. for feed and bedding or other feeding and waste disposal applications. The container volumes range from approximately 100 to 400 litres. Each trolley is fitted with four smooth running rollers, two of which can be locked, and can be autoclaved up to 134° C.

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