Cleaning Systems

ZOONLAB uses innovative cleaning technology from the HOBART company for optimum hygiene in scientific animal husbandry.

The cleaning of cages, feed containers, water bottles, transport trolleys and other equipment has to be thorough, safe, fast and economical. In addition to technical quality, this requires above all easy handling, ergonomic loading and unloading and short cleaning cycles.

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  • UXT-TKR cage cleaning machine

    UXT series cage cleaning machines for small animal husbandry are highly economical and compact.

    These machines can be used for cleaning cages, water bottles and other equipment. This product series offers a wide range of options including manual, semi-automatic or full automatic water bottle cap removers, water bottle filling facilities and osmosis systems for a stain-free cleaning result.

    The Rotor-X wash system guarantees the removal of even the most stubborn stains and residue.

  • AMXXL bottle cleaning machine

    AMXXL series cleaning machines are specially optimised for cleaning water bottles and accessories in the animal husbandry sector. Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic bottle cap removal can be sequentially arranged in the cleaning system. The Rotor-X wash system also guarantees the removal of stubborn stains and residue in bottles and water caps.

    A bottle filling function is also optionally available for the fast, easy filling of bottles after cleaning.

  • FTN belt cleaning systems

    The FTNi–TKR belt cleaning system sets new standards in animal husbandry cage preparation thanks to its pioneering technology, ergonomic design and a high level of environmental consciousness. Featuring heavily reduced energy and media consumption, this belt cleaning system meets all the requirements of cleaning and decontamination tested in accordance with AK-KAB.

    • Heat and sound-insulated machine
    • Made completely of AISI 304 stainless steel
    • You can select electric, hot water or steam heating
  • WWA-TKR rack cleaning system

    This machine is the only system capable of cleaning cages, racks and transport trolleys. The innovative technological solutions from HOBART provide absolute hygiene and process safety.

    The HOBART WWA rack cleaning system is regularly tested according to the AK-KAB specifications for its cleaning, drying and decontamination performance. It is capable of up to 10 cleaning cycles per hour (with cleaning, decontamination and drying).

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