Air Flow Systems

ZOONLAB provides air flow solutions for the animal welfare-compliant husbandry of the widest range of animal species.

All of these products are acclaimed for their great operational reliability, easy handling and low operating costs. They have been developed in cooperation with customers in order to create controlled, replicable husbandry conditions.

Note: You can find more information in our data sheets (PDF) at the end of the page.

  • IVC solutions for rodents

    ZOONLAB supplies a wide range of IVC solutions for mice and rats, consisting of a cage system (tray, lid, filter top), up to four racks, a blower unit and accessories.

    All of the systems feature easy handling, great safety for humans and animals and low operating costs thanks to especially long maintenance intervals, usually of 12 to 16 months. These husbandry systems also provide great visibility of the animals and fast water bottle changing.

  • IVC Vent LT BIO AS blower unit

    ZOONLAB blower units are characterised by their easy operation and reliability. In contrast to other providers, all of our units are pressure controlled, thereby maximising the operating safety of the animal living space due to a reliable air supply.

    Important parameters such as the air change rate, volume flow, pressure conditions, temperature and humidity are monitored with maximum and minimum alarm limits, ensuring top safety for your animals.

  • UNIPROTECT NG air flow cabinet

    The UNIPROTECT NG cabinet was specially developed for SPF rodent husbandry.

    The cabinet features humidity control, heating and a reliable day-/night cycle to ensure replicable climate and lighting conditions – e.g. for circadian studies. A sensitive pressure regulator maintaining the pressure barrier to the animal storage space ensures safe operation in positive or negative pressure. H14 class HEPA filters clean the supply and exhaust air, minimising the risk of microbiological contamination.

  • SAFECHANGE cage changing system

    The SAFECHANGE cage changing system was specially developed for rodent husbandry. It can be used with one or both sides and features electric height adjustment. The optimum protection of humans and animals is provided for with the changing station’s two blower units and two H14 Class HEPA filters, minimising the risk of microbiological contamination.

    In one-sided use SAFECHANGE fulfils Class II laminar flow cabinet requirements. It is also notably quiet.

  • CO2 Box – Exposure Line

    CO2 Box enables the euthanasia of small lab rodents via a replicable process using CO2 and O2 gases. It complies with all legal provisions.

    Up to 20 personalized programmes can be performed in addition to the box’s pre-programmed process sequences. Upon request, all of the processes can be recorded.

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