Conventional Husbandry Systems for Rodents

We are your choice for a large selection of tried & true conventional husbandry solutions and accessories for mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. All of our solutions are developed together with our customers especially for their scientific animal husbandry requirements based on international rules and regulations.

Our product range consists of cages, stainless steel lids, filter tops, water bottles and caps, and long-lasting stainless steel racks for all types of cages.

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  • Cages for small rodents

    Our product portfolio contains a wide range of cages with a variety of footprints and heights, all optimised for the different species and their weight and size. Along with the European standard Type I to IV cages, other cage types are also available.

    Our autoclavable cages are available in polycarbonate (PC) or polysulfone (PSU).

  • Stainless steel lids

    Our stainless steel lids ensure that your cages are securely covered, and they are additionally designed to hold feed and water bottles. You can choose between fixed, hinged or variable dividers.

    These grid covers are made of AISI 304 stainless steel to ensure a long service life, and they are additionally easy to handle and stack.

  • Filter tops

    Our cage tops are equipped with filter pads, creating an effective particle barrier for the protection of humans and animals. Our very large filter surface ensures the reliable exchange of gases and minimises the concentration of toxic gases inside the cage.

    The cage and filter top form a unit that can be autoclaved for a system. The units are easy to handle.

  • Water bottles & caps

    ZOONLAB water bottles are made of polycarbonate or polysulfone and are optimised for a variety of cage types and applications.

    Our product line also includes stainless steel, silicone and water caps featuring tubes of various lengths and opening diameters.

    These durable products are easy to handle and to clean.

  • Inserted floor for cage trays

    For specific applications we offer AISI 304 stainless steel inserted floor raised to either 20 or 30 mm.

    This allows the animals to be kept without even coming into contact with their bedding.

  • Stainless steel racks

    ZOONLAB stainless steel racks are characterized by a long-life cycle, practical design and how easy they are to roll. The racks are available either as universal height-adjustable racks or for specific cages from any manufacturer.

    These racks allow great visibility inside the cages, they can be used from one or both sides and they are equipped with autoclavable swivel castors.

  • Transport trolleys and water bottle cleaning baskets

    ZOONLAB transport trolleys and water bottle cleaning baskets make working with water bottles easier, faster and altogether less time-consuming. The trolleys can accommodate from 10 to 18 cleaning baskets and can be equipped with plastic rails for quieter loading and unloading.

    The ZOONLAB product range encompasses water bottle cleaning baskets for all commonly available water bottles. All of the cleaning basket varieties can be combined with one another, and they ensure secure mounting and effective cleaning of the bottles.

  • Guinea pig cages and racks

    ZOONLAB offers guinea pig solutions featuring 4 to 10 cages per rack. The systems consist of mobile stainless-steel racks, Noryl or Luran plastic cage trays, front grids, covering grids with sliding openings and feed-&-water mounts. We also feature a wide range of enrichment products for an increased well-being of your animals.

    All of the components are distinct for their easy handling, quick cleaning and longevity.

  • Rabbit cages and racks

    ZOONLAB offers a series of specially developed cage solutions for rabbits based on their weight and size. These cages come in a variety of different floor options and cage heights, and they generally consist of racks with 2 or 3 levels, easy-to-clean Noryl or Luran cage trays, raised resting area and feed & water mounts.

    The modules are easily combined with one another for group husbandry. We also offer customised free range husbandry products optimised to meet your requirements and the needs of your animals.

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