Enclosure Systems

For decades ZOONLAB has been a provider of first-class enclosure systems for primates, dogs, cats and other animals.

All of our enclosure systems are individually designed, constructed, manufactured and assembled in-house, always with a focus on the well-being and protection of humans and the animals. ZOONLAB’s systems are an ideal example of the kind of quality one expects from the “Made in Germany” label and are known for their long service life, easy operation and exceptional detail solutions.

Note: You can find more information in our data sheets (PDF) at the end of the page.

  • Dog enclosure systems

    Dog enclosures are generally designed on an individual basis to meet the specific needs of a particular scientific animal husbandry undertaking. They comply with all EU directive requirements.

    The enclosures are primarily made of long-lasting, easy to clean stainless steel, special plastics and glass.

    Dividers and sliding doors also allow groups of dogs to be separated and partitioned off to provide accommodation for individual animals.

  • Primates cages with a balcony

    The ZOONLAB product range features enclosure systems for marmosets, macaques and other primates. All enclosures are made of stainless steel, plastic and glass, offering maximum reliable functionality.

    These systems can be fitted with viewing balconies, climbing facilities, quiet zones and numerous other options for the well-being of the animals. Our range of primate enclosures is rounded off by toys developed especially for primates.

  • Enclosures for larger animals

    The requirements for keeping pigs, cattle, horses and other livestock can vary widely. ZOONLAB offers the broadest possible range of solutions.

    All of these long-lasting systems are safe and easy to clean.

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